Droid google latitude not updating

No settings have been changed so I don't know what had happened, does anyone know how to fix this bug?

Review the part referincing Android powered devices. There is the answer to a different thread here too about accuracy of locations.

If they tap the button to switch to Maps, they get redirected to a help page that offers updating Google Maps because the new feature is not yet live in their current version.

And if they finally tap to update Google Maps, they're redirected to the Play Store with no update in sight for Maps.

Unfortunately, Google didn’t see value in allowing their users the ability to merge Latitude contacts with Google friends, so you’ll need to set the service back up manually in G .

The same is true for her to see my location on her phone.if he hides the location and turns it back on, it will update on my phone.but, it's not updating when i hit the refresh button on my incredible.As promised during an impressive display at Google IO this year, the new Google Maps for Android is here.It was hard not to be impressed as a developer at Google IO this year, as so many new APIs and tools geared to make Android app developers more productive came gushing from the keynote speech.One of the more interesting demonstrations during the keynote was the Google Maps presentation.


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