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"While 25 percent of black men married someone of a different race in 2015, only 12 percent of women did.When it came to marrying white men, only three percent of black women said ‘I Do' in 2015," Williams added.Born into the mountainous industrial town of Yarumal, 70 miles north of Colombia's second largest city Medellin – and Escobar's fiefdom – Velasquez described his childhood as being "limited".

Scratch beneath the surface and you`ll find a fascinating city to explore, especially with its potential to meet so many awe-inspiring Colombian women for marriage. However, out of date rumours have yet to be cleared up in the First World Countries whose residents, that have never visited, seem convinced if you go to Colombia you may never return. So firstly let's be frank and honest: why was Colombia once the world’s most violent country? The demand for drugs became so high that Colombia got caught up in conflict between other countries and ‘Guerilla’ gangs internally, which attracted the US, that they started the ‘War on Drugs’ in Colombia which continues to this day. In fact you're more likely to be eaten by a shark in Australia than you are to be kidnapped in Colombia’s capital city of Bogota. I want to help spread the word and shake off the ‘danger’ tag associated with Colombia and replace it with the love that I have experienced first hand. Everything else steamed from there, including the kidnapping, murders and corruption.By 1810, the inhabitants, tired of Spanish rule, moved to overthrow their European overlords.After a long and bitter struggle the city was taken in 1819 by celebrated military leader Simon Boli­var, who then made it the center of Gran Colombia.apologized and retracted a story Wednesday that used the new African-American "Bachelorette" to highlight low rates of interracial dating among black women.


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