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It is not easy to be a young single black gay or bisexual man in the United States.Racism is very much a reality in the gay dating world, as evidenced by the numerous articles, studies, and think pieces illustrating this sad fact.

This week, we're publishing some of those responses as part of a conversation about race and relationships. And I secretly desired a man, a black man, who fit neatly into the box otherwise known as my desire.Domestic Violence In Same Gender Loving Relationships Are you afraid of your partner? Has your partner ever hit you or thrown things at you? To reveal the power of a smile, try smiling at 5 strangers each day for a week. Domestic Violence in Same-Gender Loving Relationships The Power of A Smile Smiling is the easiest way to attract more people.If that's not depressing enough, these men also face a health crisis.One out of four black gay and bisexual men will be HIV-positive by the time they turn 25 years old. Activists want that number repeated over and over to drive it home: At the current rate of infection, nearly 60 percent of this group will test HIV-positive by their 40th birthday.An online adoption guide for hopeful adoptive parents starting the adoption process, providing introductory information on the basics of adoption and links to different sites where you can learn more about specific areas of adoption.


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