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Introduction The economic cooperation between Russia and the European Union Member States is characterized not only by a close interdependence due to their history and geographical proximity, but also by the opposition of their international positions, impeding the implementation of mutual economic interests because of a tense political situation in the recent years.

Intensive integration processes in Europe, observed since the establishment of the European Union, are displaced by centrifugal processes in recent years.

According to the 1981 census, 813,490 Greeks had migrated since 1975 to urban areas, and 165,770 had moved to rural areas. 0.98 Translation added: Spanish (by skeith_sk8) German(by Gargamel) Fixing collecting count ! 0.88 Special Bonus Box Removed, Faster and more precise collecting! Modern Greek is the most popular language spoken in Greece. English and French are spoken often in Greece, but are not taught in the school systems." "The conservative government that came to power in 1990 adopted a 1991–93 "adjustment program" that called for reduction of price and wage increases and a reduction in the public-sector deficit from 13% to 3% of GDP.Twenty-eight industrial companies were to be privatized.You must register and activate your account in order to view images.


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